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New Boiler Grants


Heating Grants Available


The cost of upgrading your heating system can be overwhelming but it is worth it. We have compiled some information on grants available to help you supplement these costs in Ireland. If you are looking to switch from oil, electricity or solid fuels be sure to checkout Calor Gas’s website.

You should be aware that right now, there are no SEAI grants available in Ireland for replacing your boiler. But there are other home energy grants available to get you up to €6000 towards eco-friendly heating and insulation. These grants are available through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), and include:

Insulation grants

The Insulation Grant is applicable for attic insulation, internal wall , external wall, and cavity wall insulation. By updating your insulation, you can guarantee cheaper heating bills and make your home more comfortable.

Heat pump system grants

The Heat Pump System Grant allows you to upgrade your fossil fuel-based heating system to one that utilises a heat pump. Heat pump systems convert energy from the air, water, or the ground outside your home.

Heating Control Upgrade

To apply for the Heating Control Upgrade grant you will need to have a BER test performed on your property. We can provide this BER test and help you with the install of your new heating controls. For more information, click the button below.

Solar electricity grants

The Solar Electricity Grant helps with the cost of installing photovoltaic panels to generate electricity. You’ll have your own clean energy source, reducing your current electricity bill significantly.

Solar water heating grants

The Solar Water Heating Grant will help reduce the cost involved with installing photovoltaic panels to heat your water tank. You’ll have a constant supply of hot water throughout the day.

Besides the solar grants, these financial aids are available to you if your home was built and occupied before 2006. The amount you receive depends on the type of grant and the number of upgrades. You can find information on how to apply for the grants on the SEAI website.

Are you looking to upgrade your home or businesses heating system?

Heating Control Upgrade

When you upgrade to a high-efficiency boiler, we highly advise you to update your heating system controls.

New controls allow you to manage your heating system more easily and maximize efficiency.

Get the heat on a timer

Unlike the old systems, you will have the ability to automate your temperature changes. If you know you want the house warm by the time that you get off work at 5 p.m., set the system to prepare it automatically. You can even get models controlled by your phone or computer.


Reduce energy usage

By only having your heating system working when you want it to, you instantly save money on energy bills. Newer systems are also more eco-friendly and do not use mercury. According to the SEAI website, you can reduce your energy usage by up to 20% with a new system.

Use zoned heating

Zoned heating allows you to control the temperature of each zone in your home or business individually. For example, if your property has two floors, you can split these areas into different zones. It lets you heat specific areas without having to turn on your entire home heating.

Zoned heating systems can also be adjusted for personal preference. Now, there is a solution for when one person wants the house cooler than another person. If you are not using a room, you don’t have to keep it warm (or cover any unnecessary energy bills at the end of the month).

Zones are created by a zone valve, which controls the flow of water in your heating system. It becomes easy to separate the hot water cylinder and the radiator zone.

Heating Control Grant & Pricing

You must have the new heating controls installed by a certified company within six months of the offer, or by the expiry date in the offer letter.

After you complete the service, you submit the necessary paperwork to SEAI. Don’t wait to get the upgrades, you deserve for a more comfortable life. Do your research before agreeing to any work on your home energy system, though—you will appreciate all the monetary assistance you can find.

Even if you are not eligible for a grant, DS Gas Oil Services promises affordable and quality heating services. Our range includes complete boiler servicing, gas installation, zoned heating system design and installation, and efficiency testing.

The full price requires a consultation.

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